Premium US equities data for quantitative traders.

QuantStart provides top-tier US equities data to quantitative traders and other financial professionals. High reliability, detailed documentation and rapid support are our hallmarks.

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Clean up-to-date research-grade financial data available instantly.

Our quant, data scientist, developer and analyst friendly API helps you get back to your research and away from data munging by providing clean research-grade data in the format you need in next to no time at all.

Get Data Quickly
QuantStart's API makes it easy to get the data you need in the way you need it. JSON, CSV and XML are supported out-of-the-box.
Clean Data
QuantStart takes care of the messy aspects of cleaning and transforming data - allowing you to work with your data not on it.
QuantStart data is platform neutral: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux are all supported. All you need is Internet access.
Premium Support
QuantStart provides rapid customer support for all premium data sets - queries are dealt with in hours rather than days.

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