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The Quantcademy is a private membership portal that caters to the rapidly-growing quant trading community.

The community provides a wealth of detailed posts covering the whole range of activities within quantitative finance. Systematic trading, asset allocation, risk management, coding tips, software development, machine learning, time series analysis and math help are all covered in our in-depth, topic-driven forum.

Whether you are a complete beginner or seasoned quant trading professional you will find a knowledgeable, like-minded group of quant traders ready and willing to answer your most pressing quant questions.

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What's Covered In The Community Forum?

The forum contains specially chosen, dedicated sections for discussions relating to your particular quantitative finance problems.

Quantitative finance is a large discipline and we've broken it down into four relevant areas—Quantitative Trading, Mathematical Finance, Programming & Software and Careers & Education.

At the beginning it is a struggle to make money consistently with trading.

Each forum provides a wealth of posts, from beginner through to advanced level—on the topics that matter most to the community—along with expert answers from top-ranking community members and QuantStart professionals. Topics include:

Quantitative Trading

Beginner Forum

Quantitative trading isn't an easy field to master, due to the mix of math, coding and financial knowledge required. We've made it straightforward for beginners to ask questions as they learn the ropes.

Systematic Trading

A dedicated forum on the topic of daily and intraday systematic trading strategy development. Our goal is to help you avoid common pitfalls and ramp up the profitability of your strategies.

Portfolio Management

Longer-term asset allocation using equities and ETFs is a hotly debated topic these days. Answers to your momentum, value and other portfolio construction strategies can be found here.

High Frequency Trading

Those who are trading on the sub-second level, or are researching market microstructure for new strategy development, will gain strong insight from experts in this dedicated forum.

Risk Management

Strong risk management for your strategies can mean the difference between profitability or going under. Gain answers on how to effectively manage risk within your portfolio.

Performance Evaluation

You may be generating profits with your strategies but what if you're taking on too much vol to do so? Learn how to properly measure your strategy performance from seasoned community members.

Trading Infrastructure

Strategy ideas are easy to find. What's harder is taking a strategy and coding up a fully-resilient remote infrastructure that automates your live trading. Learn from those who've done it here.

Vendors and Brokers

Finance is rife with vendors of varying quality. Data, brokerage and hosting are extremely important for the retail quant. Our impartial community vendor reviews will help guide your decisions.

External Capital

Eventually you might take the plunge and begin managing external money. Answers on capital raising, regulatory issues, third-party marketing and other fund issues are found here.

Mathematical Finance


Math can be a steep learning curve for discretionary traders or software developers interested in quant trading. Ask your questions—no matter how easy or complex—in our dedicated forum.


Quant trading is often about making lots of small bets with 'positive expectancy'. Develop your stats skills here with a group of expert community members to improve your strategy profitability.

Time Series Analysis

Most traders still rely on predicting future prices from past prices. Quants use sophisticated time series methods for this. Learn about introductory—and cutting-edge—methods in this forum.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning and AI is now extensively used within the largest quant hedge funds. They're also being applied heavily at the retail level. Use this forum to answer your ML specific questions.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning is only just beginning to be used within quant trading, but it is already showing promise. Find out about the latest deep learning techniques with our ML/DL forum.

Financial Engineering

Derivatives pricing and options trading are a large component of the quant landscape. The math might be complex, but this dedicated forum will help solve your derivatives-based questions.

Programming and Software Development


Python has become the go-to quant research and development language. While easy to pick up, it is hard to master. Our dedicated Python forum discusses tips, tricks, libraries and bugs.


To carry out any serious statistical analysis for quant work R is the language to use. R has a reasonable learning curve, however, and this forum will help you with the nuances of the language.


C++ has a reputation for difficulty in the quant community, but it is essential for HFT. Our forum will help you avoid the common traps that plague many novice (and expert) C++ developers.

MATLAB, Julia, C#, Java

Quant traders code in many languages. While C++, R and Python dominate the field, there are many others still in wide use. This forum will allow you to post questions for other environments.

Software Development

One way to rapidly improve your quant trading workflow is to learn some basic techniques from software development. Version control, unit testing and best practices are all discussed here.

Careers and Education

Careers Advice

Quant careers are extremely diverse. Many join the field late in their working lives. This forum will help you progress your career, whether you've just graduated or are seeking senior roles.

Educational Guidance

For those desiring formal schooling in financial engineering, risk and portfolio management or quantitative trading, this forum provides feedback, guidance and answers to your educational questions.

Research Resources

To really find novel sources of alpha it is necessary to continually be researching new ideas. Discuss recent research papers from diverse academic fields, along with classic texts, in this forum.

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