Advanced Algorithmic Trading - Final Release

By Michael Halls-Moore on February 2nd, 2017

The QuantStart team are very happy to announce that the full version of Advanced Algorithmic Trading has now been released.

This brings the total number of pages to 517. To access the full version customers simply need to follow the download link received in the original pre-order purchase email. If the download email has been misplaced then please email and the link will be resent to you.

The release includes a second full proofread of all content including fixes for bugs, typos and notation. The code is now compatible with the latest version of QSTrader and recent versions of Python libraries.

The book will be periodically updated as new Python library versions are released. The strategy performance and visualisation will also be updated as QSTrader progresses so that newer customers will always be able to implement the code.

If you have any questions regarding Advanced Algorithmic Trading, QSTrader or any other aspect of quantitative finance then please email and the team will get back to you.

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