Advanced Algorithmic Trading and QSTrader Updates

This is just a short post to let readers know that the Advanced Algorithmic Trading pre-order ebook has had a new update posted, adding 40+ pages of new material. To access the new content, customers simply need to follow the download link received in the original purchase email. If the download email has been misplaced then please email and the updated version will be sent out.

In addition to Advanced Algorithmic Trading members of the QuantStart team and the wider community have been working hard over the last few months to bring the open source backtesting and live trading engine, QSTrader, to a point where it can realistically simulate trading strategies found in the book.

Now that the underlying mechanics of the trading engine have been finalised QuantStart will once again be focusing on trading strategy implementation and theoretical concepts. As such, more frequent updates to Advanced Algorithmic Trading will now be made until the book is complete, at which point the strategies within the book will be fully testable under QSTrader.

If you have any questions regarding Advanced Algorithmic Trading, QSTrader or any other aspect of quantitative finance then please email and the team will get back to you.

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